Tiger Blade – Meta Quest 3 Gameplay | First Minutes

Tiger Blade – Meta Quest 3 Gameplay | First Minutes

Dive into the uncompromising and sharp world of Tiger Blade, a virtual reality experience on Meta Quest 3 that takes you on an intense journey where you play as a lethal assassin from the Tiger Clans. With no commentary to distract you, our gameplay immerses you fully in a thrilling quest to protect an unexpected treasure: a tiger cub, a mythical creature coveted by the most formidable gangs of Sewoon.

In this video, discover the Meta Quest 3 gameplay of Tiger Blade, developed by Paris-based Ikimasho. The game combines fast-paced sword combat and punchy gunplay, propelling you through enemy-laden markets, docks, and alleys, all punctuated by action that won’t give you a moment’s respite. Experience the thrilling action and authentic atmosphere of the ten exciting stages of the Korean city of Sewoon, designed to be as realistic as they are captivating.

Yann Suquet, co-founder and CEO of Ikimasho, presents Tiger Blade as a love letter to Korean neo-noir cinema, known for its dark plots and ruthless conclusions. This game offers you the thrill of becoming an action hero, set to the rhythm of an original Korean hip-hop soundtrack that perfectly complements the intensity of the battles.

Join us in this high-stakes chase, where each stage is a fight for mastery, requiring speed, accuracy, and the search for hidden medals to dominate the leaderboards. Tiger Blade is a virtual reality experience specially designed for Meta Quest 3, leveraging its unique capabilities for total immersion.

For an authentic Meta Quest 3 gaming experience, where gameplay and action are king, Tiger Blade is your destination. Subscribe and follow our VR adventures for more exclusive Meta Quest 3 content.

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